My First Wedding Cake!!

This weekend, I had the pleasure of baking my very first wedding cake for two good friends of mine! It was a lot of work over 2 nights (first night baking, second night decorating), but seeing the looks of joy on my friends’ and their family’s faces made it all totally worth it.

It was an absolutely beautiful Spring day, perfect for a wedding. The sun came out just in time for the ceremony and stayed steady throughout the afternoon reception, in spite of threats of rain.

The cake was a three tiers, with a rainbow star border and rainbow ribbon topper. The top tier, at the request of the grooms, was a lemon poppy-seed cake with cream cheese icing, to be saved for their first anniversary.

The bottom two tiers were rainbow tie-dye vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream icing.

The final touch on the top of the cake was a rainbow ribbon (not edible) that I made on a whim on Friday night after completing the cake. Thankfully, I had some rainbow ribbon and heart patches (and my handy hot-glue gun) that I was able to fashion in to a flower to be used as the cake topper! It really managed to pull the whole cake together.

Thank you very much to my friends Josh and Cody for asking me to join them in celebrating their special day. I had a wonderful time making the cake they enjoyed on their wedding day and will use to commemorate their first year of marriage!! Congratulations, Josh and Cody!! 😀


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