Penguin Cake

Well, last Wednesday was World Penguin Day, which falls on April 25th every year. World Penguin Day coincides with the annual northward migration of penguins, which happens on or around April 25th. I decided to celebrate World Penguin Day by making a penguin cake because I think they are absolutely adorable!! I really love penguins and have a few of them around my house, including a plastic penguin I decorated to hold hair clips… 🙂

In order to come up with the basic penguin shape, I used the Wilton teddy bear pan with a few modifications. Normally, I am not a fan of mono-taskers (anything that can only be used for one task) like shaped pans, but this pan can (as demonstrated below) be used to make several other animals! So, here is my penguin cake…

For the cake:

First, assemble your ingredients.

You are going to need:

  • Your favorite heavy cake recipe (something like a thick devil’s food, pound, or pudding cake)
  • Wilton’s Mini Stand-Up Bear Pan Set
  • 8-inch brownie pan
  • Cooking spray (for baking, I am a big fan of PAM’s Baking spray)
You are also going to need:
  • A cookie sheet
  • Tinfoil

Begin by pre-heating your oven to 350°.

Next, lay out the teddy bear pan. Spray the inside of the pan with the baking spray, making sure to fill all the little crevices. Also, spray the 8-inch pan with baking spray.

Next, assemble the teddy bear pan. Hold the two pieces of the mold together, and secure with the included clips.

Stand the pan upside-down in the included holder, and fill with approximately 1 cup of batter. It should not fill up the entire pan since your batter will expand. (I filled mine up a little too much, so I had a good amount of batter over flow…)

Pour the remaining batter in the 8-inch pan.

Cover a cookie sheet with tin foil. Place the teddy bear pan in the oven with the cookie sheet underneath to catch any overflow. Also place the 8-inch pan in the oven.

Bake for approximately 20-25 minutes or until a cake tester inserted comes out clean. (The 8-inch cake will take approximately 20 minutes, while the teddy bear cake will take slightly longer.) Let the 8-inch cake cool in the pan for approximately 5 minutes, and then remove to a wire rack to cool completely.

Once the teddy bear cake is finished (mine too about 30 minutes), let it cool in the pan for approximately 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, remove one side of the mold and let cool for approximately 5 minutes. Repeat with the other side of the mold, letting cool for approximately 5 more minutes.

Remove the teddy bear from the mold, and place upright on a wire rack to cool completely.

To decorate:

First, assemble your ingredients.

You are going to need:

  • Your cooled cakes
  • Your favorite recipe for vanilla buttercream icing (You will need approximately 2 cups. If using pre-made frosting, you will need about 1 tub.)
  • Black and orange food coloring (I use these because the gel food coloring provides a more vibrant color without thinning out the batter. However, I only had regular black food dye on hand, so I used that instead. Gel food coloring would have provided a better color.)
  • 3 12-inch icing bags
  • 2 couplers
  • A small star tip (I use a Wilton #17 tip.)
  • A small round tip (I use a Wilton #3 tip.)
  • 2 candy eyeballs (I use these because they are pretty cheap and much easier than piping eyes on with icing!)

You are also going to need:

  • A very sharp knife
  • A cutting board
  • Toothpicks
  • 2 spoons

Begin by chilling your cakes in the freezer for approximately 15 minutes. While they are chilling, divide your icing in to 3 bowls. (You will need quantities of approximately 1 cup and 2 half-cup portions.)

Dye the one-cup of frosting black and one of the half-cups of frosting orange. Leave the remaining half-cup of frosting white.

Next, remove the teddy bear cake from the freezer and place on a cutting surface.

Using a sharp knife, carve off the teddy bear’s ears and arms to turn him in to almost-a-penguin.

Place the 8-inch cake on a cutting board and carve his wings. Save the leftover cake to make some Cake Pops! 🙂

To decorate your penguin, begin by placing the carved cake on a small plate or 6-inch cake circle.

Using toothpicks, attach the wings to the body of the penguin.

Place a coupler in the icing bag, narrow end first. Using a pen, mark the bag about half-way along the metal tip. Remove the coupler and cut the end of the bag off. (Using the couplers will let you use the same icing bag for multiple tips.) Place the coupler back in to the bag, narrow end first.

Fold over the top of the bag to form a cuff. Place the bag in a tall glass and fill with the black icing.

Unfold the top of the bag, and lift it out of the glass. Add an icing tip and screw on the coupler ring. Squeeze the top of the bag and twist it closed.

Use the black icing to cover the front, back, and sides of the penguin cake. Do this by piping small, closely-spaced stars. The stars should completely cover the color of the cake. Leave his feet, belly, and face uncovered.

Remove the star tip from the black icing bag. Rinse and dry the tip. Place the black icing bag (with coupler still on it) aside.

Next, fill another icing bag (following the same procedure outlined above) with the orange icing.

Pipe stars to cover his feet with the orange icing.

Remove the star tip from the orange icing bag, and rinse and dry the tip. Place the orange icing bag (with coupler still on it) aside.

Fill the third icing bag with white icing (following the same procedure outlined above). Use the white icing to cover his belly and face with small, closely-spaced stars. Leave the muzzle uncovered.

Remove the star tip from the white icing bag, and rinse and dry the tip. Place the star tip back on the orange icing bag using the coupler.

Pipe orange stars on the muzzle of the cake, completely covering the cake. Use the icing to build up layer of stars to form a beak. Place two candy eyes on the cake.

Place the small, round tip on the black icing bag using the coupler. Use the black icing to pipe his eyebrows and a smile!

If desired, you can use remaining cake pieces to add other decorations to your penguin. I used some of the cake to give him a little orange top-hat to match my plastic penguin model. Enjoy!! 😀

Any questions?? Feel free to ask in the comments below! And thanks for reading! 🙂


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