Sorry followers, but I apparently underestimated the recovery time I would need from a crazy, fun-filled weekend away!! Vacation was a wonderful step away from the real world, but I think I came back more tired than when I left… (Isn’t that always the case tho?!) I spent the weekend at a local arts festival (our regional Burning Man event), camping among 1,300 other wonderfully creative people! I brought a whole tub of baked goods to gift away and had a wonderful time experimenting with my new propane-powered camp oven! All in all, it was a phenomenal weekend!!

However, in addition to prepping for the Burn, I’ve also been taking business classes at the DC Women’s Business Center in preparation for opening my very own bakery! (Last class was this week, so now the real work starts with finding commercial kitchen space and getting my business license for catering!) But, work + fun + baking + blog + class + Burn = very tired Emily. So… I won’t be posting any real posts this week. I do have some great things and new recipes stewing away in my crazy brain though, so look out for those coming soon! 😀

And thanks to everyone for reading! I wanted to start a blog for a while and finally jumped in to the pool feet-first a few months ago. In the last 3 months of blogging, I’ve had over 3,500 views in 45 countries. The response I’ve been getting is overwhelmingly wonderful, and I’m extremely happy! Thanks so much for reading, commenting, and sharing! And if anyone makes one of my recipes or creations, please share! I’d love to post pics from readers… 🙂

Be back on Tuesday!!

Emily 😀


One thought on “Whoops…

  1. Yeeeeahhhhh Em!!!!!! Good luck with your search!!!! OMGZ almost can’t wait til’ SugarHigh is on DC biz list… ❤ !!!!!!!!!!

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