Happy Canada Day!

Good morning readers and followers!

I just wanted to wish everyone a quick Happy Canada Day from me and my army of beaver cupcakes!! 😀

To date, the Beaver Cupcakes are my most popular post and helped drive my blog stats to over 5,250 views in just over 4 months! Thanks to everyone who shared, pinned, and publicized the Beavers and the blog! Canadians and Oregon State fans seem to love the Beaver Cupcakes the most! 🙂

The official post with instructions can be found here: Beaver Cupcakes!

And if you’re looking for any other Canadian themed foods, how about a homemade Montreal-style bagel for all of us ex-pats?? You can find the recipe and instructions here: Bagels!

Thanks for reading, following, sharing, and enjoying my recipes and creations! I hope all my Canadian family and readers/followers have an awesome day celebrating!!

Watch out for more twists on Canadian-themed desserts and twists on traditional recipes cause I have a few tricks up my sleeve that  I’m sure I’ll be posting soon. Happy Canada Day!! 😀

~ Emily


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