Blog Revamp!

Hey everyone!

I’m sorry, but I’m only going to be posting the one recipe this week (Lychee Ice Cream). In my spare time, instead of baking, I decided to do an entire blog revamp!

So, if you’re seeing this online, welcome to my new site! If you’re reading through an RSS feed or received this post via email, please go check out my new look!

Also, you’ll notice that my blog URL is now, but you can still access the site via the old URL ( It will just automatically redirect you to the new web address.

I also spent a little bit of time getting the website for my business, Sugar High Bakery, set up last night. For now, it’s mostly directing people to the blog to check out my work, but I’m hoping to have a real site up soon! So check out for updates on my upcoming catering business in DC.

Thanks for reading! I promise new posts next week. I’ve already got some fun things brewing… Mwahahaha. 😀

~ Emily


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