DC State Fair Follow-Up

As I posted on Saturday, this weekend was the DC State Fair baking competition. I entered two cupcake recipes that I developed, along with a family-recipe pie and one I came up with just last week. (For pics, check out Saturday’s post, linked above!)

The competition was fierce, with 50 entries of each pie and cupcakes! Pies were announced first, with the sub-categories of best crust and most original awarded to start. Then, the top 6 pies to go to final judging were announced. I stood there, fingers crossed, holding my breath to find out that my Fig and Grape pie placed! But then I started getting really nervous cause I really wanted to win…

Samples of the pies were brought out for the final judging, with mine being one of the last two tasted by the judges. The boyfriend thought he heard one of the judges whisper “this one is my favorite” when pointing to my pie, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high. When they announced the winners, I didn’t place third… or second… I placed first!! I jumped up and down and tried to avoid screaming in excitement!

My prize included a blue ribbon (shown below), a small cash prize, a Whole Foods gift certificate, and the opportunity to have my pie featured either in a demo or for sale at my local Whole Foods! Unfortunately, my cupcakes didn’t place, but I was still riding high on the pie win, so I wasn’t too concerned. I still walked away elated! 😀

I’ll be posting the recipe some time in the next few weeks, so please check back. I’ll also likely be posting the recipe for the Zucchini cupcakes, so stay tuned for that as well. 🙂

And thank you to everyone at DC State Fair, Whole Foods on P Street, and Whisked for such a great competition! I’m already looking forward to next year… 😉


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