I’ve moved!

Well, this weekend was the big move-in with the boyfriend! Last week involved packing up everything in my apartment to either go to the new apartment, storage, or charity, and this week involves all of the unpacking and organizing. I culled a massive amount of stuff from my old apartment and took on the daunting task of combining 2 kitchens worth of things this weekend! But now the kitchen (obviously the most important part of any house) is organized and ready for holiday baking.

Given the craziness of my personal life, I’m a little behind on baking and blogging… Thankfully, I spent time a few weeks ago making all of the pumpkin spice things I could fathom (5 new recipes!), so I still have 2 pumpkin posts coming up before Thanksgiving. After that, watch out for some winter and holiday themed recipes and ideas, pics of the cake I made for my friend’s 80s-cartoon-themed 30th birthday party, and my post for the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2012! 🙂

The next few weeks are going to be pretty busy, in between my birthday, Thanksgiving, upcoming holidays, and working in a new kitchen! Time to strap in and get set for a whirlwind! 😀

~ Emily


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