Cookie-Swap Roundup!

This month, I participated in the 2nd Annual Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap. The Swap was organized by two really awesome food bloggers from Love and Olive Oil and The Little Kitchen and raised over $4,400 for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. The premise of the swap was to sign up, send a dozen homemade cookies to three other food bloggers, and receive three boxes of cookies from another set of awesome food bloggers. All of us who participated in the Swap posted our recipes last week, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who followed their Twitter feed to see what yummy recipes everyone was posting!

After I posted my recipe for Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cookies last week, I thought it would be nice to dedicate a post to the bloggers that I sent cookies to and those that I received cookies from. First up, the cookies I received were awesome! I shared a few with the boyfriend and some friends because I really didn’t need to eat three dozen cookies on my own… I think the best part of the swap was unwrapping the cookie packages I received to find out what little treat was waiting for me inside each box!

The first cookies I received were Caramel Stuffed Apple Cider Cookies from Erin cooks! Seriously, these cookies were awesome! Caramel and apple cider is one of my fave combos (as evidenced in my Apple Cider Cake recipe), and these cookies were fab. Erin sent two different variations: the first contained one large caramel candy stuffed in the center and the second contained small caramel bits mixed in. Both were really good, though I personally preferred the variation with the caramel bits. Thanks, Erin!

The second batch of cookies I received were from Val at eyechow. Her Coconut Butterscotch-Chip Cookies were really good! I love butterscotch and coconut but never really thought to combine them. Also, she baked some of her cookies in muffin tins, which was an awesome idea, especially if you don’t have [enough] cookie sheets! Thanks, Val!

The third package I received never made it home to the boyfriend… Kablee from Kablee’s Kitchen sent me some really fun Shortbread cookies, in four different varieties! It was really fun to taste her Shortbread Four Ways, and I wish I’d gotten to share them with the boyfriend… But I forgot to bring them home from work, so I slowly snacked on them for a few days. Reading her blog was really fun, especially cause she’s a fellow engineer! Thanks, Kablee!

I hope the bloggers that I sent cookies to enjoyed their surprises as much as I did! For a quick shout-out, here’s who I sent cookies to:

Go check out their blogs and recipes for more cookie recipes!

Fellow food bloggers: If you missed out on the Cookie Swap this year, go check out their website to sign up for notifications about next year’s swap!


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