One Year, 100 Posts

Last week, I celebrated two important milestones on Pie with Sparkles: my one-year anniversary and my 100th post! So I thought, while I’m working on unpacking my new apartment (yep, I moved again!), I might as well spend a small among of time reminiscing…

It’s been quite an exciting year for me! Following encouragement from the boyfriend and my other very supportive friends and family, I started Pie with Sparkles, with the goal of sharing my awesome baked creations. That goal has slightly morphed along the way as I’ve become more comfortable sharing my personal life and as I’ve grown as a baker and blogger!

This year, my Beaver Cupcakes (only my second post on the blog!) have become Internet-famous! My cute, chocolatey beavers are the top result on Google search, and by far my most popular post!! Every time I see them pop up on Pintrest, I smile, and I know many of you do too. 🙂

I participated in my first cookie swap; I was “Freshly Pressed”; I moved (twice!); I perfected several techniques, breaking out of my comfort zone more than once; and I started experimenting with my very own recipes! My Fig and Grape Pie even took First Place in the DC State Fair!

Fig and Grape Pie with Cognac and Orange

I really can’t express how happy I am with the last year. And I have pretty lofty goals for the next year, and beyond! My biggest and hardest goal is to improve my blog photography. I’ve improved significantly over the last 100 posts in staging and editing photos, but I know I can get even better! 🙂

So thank you to all of my readers and followers! Your likes, comments, and shares brighten my day. I hope that, over the last year and 100 posts, I have inspired you to break out of your comfort zone or try something new, made your taste buds happy with my creations, or just put a smile on your face with a rainbow or a cute little beaver! Here’s to another year full of baking FUN!!


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