Basics of Cupcake Icing: More Icing Tips


Pun definitely intended… 😉

In my first post about cupcake icing, I started organizing together the techniques I’ve learned for icing beautiful professional-looking cupcakes. I’m cobbling all of this information together because I’ve seen parts of it referenced in other pages around the interwebs, but I’ve never found a source with everything in one place. So that’s my goal: organizing all of the basics of icing cupcakes in easy-to-follow instructions with pictures!

Also, in my last post, I referenced the different types of icing tips that are typically used for cupcakes. I showed the one I use most often, Wilton’s closed-star 1M tip. I reference this tip most often because it’s the easiest to find (usually in stock at craft stores like Jo-Ann’s or Michaels).

But there are lots of other tips available, including the open star…

And the French tip and round tip.

Click below for more Tips on these tips! Have a question? Feel free to ask in the comments below. And thanks for reading! Be sure to check back again soon for the next post about cupcake icing! 🙂

Cupcake Icing: More Tips!

For cupcake icing, you are going to need a few basic tools:

  • Decorating bags – You can use either reusable or disposable. I use disposable because they are easier to use without needing to clean bags in between use. Decorating bags come in several sizes, although I’ve found that the 12-inch bags are the easiest to handle and most versatile.
  • Icing tips – Each icing tip will produce a different result. Wilton’s tips are the easiest to find and come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but feel free to use any brand! The cupcakes shown below are from Ateco’s line of large tips, which I bought from Amazon.
  • Couplers – Icing tips can be used with or without couplers. Couplers are used along with decorating bags and icing tips to allow you to use different tips with the same bag. For basic cupcake icing, you won’t likely need couplers, and none of the techniques below require them.
  • Icing Colors – Icing colors are used to dye icing. Gel colors are best for dying icing because liquid dyes will thin out the icing. They come in a variety of colors and varieties. I typically use the gel colors made by Wilton because they are the easiest to find in stores.

To ice your cupcake, follow the instructions in my Tips & Tricks post to fill your decorating bag. As I mentioned in that post, each icing tip will give you different results. Personally, I love the extra-large icing tips from Ateco’s line! The most common tips are…

The open star:

The closed star:

The French tip:

And the round tip:

Using these tips and the Tips and Tricks from my first post, you’ll have beautifully decorated cupcakes every time!

Enjoy! 😀


One thought on “Basics of Cupcake Icing: More Icing Tips

  1. I just got the set of tips by wilton that has 56 pieces. I tried making the piping bags from parchment paper. I just use ziplock bags because they work just as well and they look like they might be a little more durable so you can rinse them out and reuse them if you really want to. Thanks for you tips on using tips! 🙂

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