Background and Past Projects

Hello, World!

First off, a few facts about me to introduce myself! I’m an amateur baker living and working full-time in DC. I started baking as a hobby and found that it’s a great stress-reliever. And now, it’s where I go when I’m at the end of my rope and need to just zone out… I first got really in to baking as a kid, watching both of my grandmothers produce amazing and tasty treats, and I decided to try to carry on their baking legacy (with my own twist of course)! My ultimate goal is to open to my own bakery! (And cause I’m a nerd, I’d really like the doors to open on 3/14/15 at 9:26 am…)

Now, on to the baking… The goal of this blog, as it stands right now, isn’t necessarily to share recipes as most of mine are secret family recipes or ones I’ve altered to make my own. But I’d like to show off some techniques I’ve picked up to make my baking not only taste great but look pretty as well! Below are some pics of what I’ve done previously. (Tho this is not a comprehensive list because I don’t have pics of a lot of the things I’ve baked in the past… Can you tell that I  really like rainbows?!) Please let me know if you’d like info about any of my previous endeavors!

Thanks for reading!! 🙂

Mardi Gras marbled cheesecake from March 2011:

Rainbow Jello mold from July 2011:

New Year’s Eve 2011 Decadence Lounge:

Edible Inchy birthday cake from February 2012:

Double Rainbow Cupcakes from February 2012:


8 thoughts on “Background and Past Projects

  1. That jello is CRAZY!!!!! Love it. Also, that caterpillar dessert reminds me of a train cake my grandma made for me when I was little. I love treats that are both delicious and beautiful/fun.

    • Awesome! I’d love to see the article if you can share it. I came up with the idea over a year and a half ago for a Mardi Gras party, not realizing that it was one of the first stepping-stones towards the blog! 🙂

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