Homemade Corned Beef


Oh gosh, it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day! After last night’s ridiculous Pancake Tuesday dinner party and Pi Day coming up next week, March is a month full of amazing food. This year, keeping with my drive to make as much homemade food as I can, I decided to try out homemade corned beef. The boyfriend picked up a 7-pound brisket at Costco, and I quickly got to work!


I started the brine (based on recipes from Amazing Ribs and good ol’ Alton Brown!) at the end of February, not realizing just how early I was, and I just figured I could vacuum seal the corned beef and cook it when we got closer to St. Paddy’s Day. But then I posted a picture on my Facebook and Instagram, and a few friends requested the recipe. So I decided to cook it up this weekend and feature it on the blog.


This is the first really non-baking related post, creating a whole new category! I’ve pondered the idea of expanding the blog to include more than just desserts and breakfast foods as I’ve become a better cook and started this homemade journey. I’ve been successfully curing homemade gravlax the last few months and am hoping to start up bacon soon, so those posts should end up here too!


What’s great is that none of these things are particularly hard to make, and the effort is rewarded greatly, as the homemade versions taste significantly better than store-bought! And they can frequently be cheaper than store-bought, depending on where you get your ingredients and in what quantities. (Yay for Costco and online retailers!)


So, this year, how about skipping the pre-packaged overly salty corned beef? Why not try making your own? Click below for the recipe. If you have a question, feel free to ask in the comments. And thanks for reading! Enjoy! 🙂

Download the recipe!