Happy Pi Day!!


Happy Pi Day!! In the past, I’ve posted a few pie recipes, including the Cherry Pie Pops on Pi Day 2012. This year, I decided to share something a little different…


In addition to all the time I spend baking, I spend a lot of my free-time sewing and crafting. Typically, I’m making clothes and costumes for events or every-day use. But one day, while browsing through patterns, I saw this one for a giant pie cushion, and I knew that I needed to make it!


The picture above shows the size of this project. (I didn’t have a banana for scale, so I had to make do with a wine bottle!) The pie is about a meter wide, which takes up the entire space I normally use for blog photos. It’s wider than my table!


Along with the pie, I also make 2 strawberry and 3 blueberry pillows for decoration. 🙂


So, embracing my love of pie and need for whimsy, I now have a giant pillow pie in the corner of my living room. And I do the happy-dance every time I see it. 😀

Hope everyone has a wondermous Pi Day! 🙂

~ Emily