Wookie Cupcakes

Mini chocolate-peanut butter Wookie Cupcakes to be exact! As I said in Tuesday’s post, my friends and I celebrated “May the Fourth Be With You,” aka Star Wars Day, last Friday, May 4th! Since it was followed by Cinco de Mayo, we threw a party to celebrate both of these holidays… We all got together to watch the original trilogy, switching to Spanish-dubbing at midnight. Of course, I felt the need to make some Star Wars themed dessert, including both the Ewok Cake and the mini chocolate-peanut butter Wookie Cupcakes!

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Ewok Cake

Last Friday was “May the Fourth Be With You,” aka Star Wars Day. My boyfriend, his roommate, and I threw an awesome movie-watching party on Friday night to celebrate! We watched the original trilogy, switching to the Spanish subtitles at midnight to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Of course, I decided that our celebration of May the Fourth would not be complete without some tasty Star Wars themed baked goods… Today, I’m posting the first thing I made: the Ewok Cake! (And, of course he’s wearing a sombrero cause we also celebrated Cinco de Mayo…)

Like I said in the Penguin Cake post, I hate investing in mono-taskers. However, I made an exception for the mini stand-up teddy bear pan because I can use it to make many different animal-shaped cakes! I decided to use the same pan to make an Ewok Cake cause they’re just so darn cute…

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Penguin Cake

Well, last Wednesday was World Penguin Day, which falls on April 25th every year. World Penguin Day coincides with the annual northward migration of penguins, which happens on or around April 25th. I decided to celebrate World Penguin Day by making a penguin cake because I think they are absolutely adorable!! I really love penguins and have a few of them around my house, including a plastic penguin I decorated to hold hair clips… 🙂

In order to come up with the basic penguin shape, I used the Wilton teddy bear pan with a few modifications. Normally, I am not a fan of mono-taskers (anything that can only be used for one task) like shaped pans, but this pan can (as demonstrated below) be used to make several other animals! So, here is my penguin cake…

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The Nyan Cat Cake

So, I have this friend who is in love with the Nyan Cat. (See link here…) She has a Nyan Cat purse, a Nyan Cat camera case, and I believe the song is the ringtone on her cell phone. It’s totally adorable how much she loves this meme. The first time I met her, when we were just people with mutual friends, I remember walking away thinking, “I need to make that gal a Nyan Cat cake… When’s her birthday?!” Well, her birthday was a few weeks ago, so I finally got a chance to give her the Nyan Cat Cake! Hopefully, you can make this cake for someone else who loves the Nyan Cat even a fraction as much as my friend does… 🙂

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Beaver Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes for a friend’s homecoming party, to celebrate our mutual love of beavers! They are super-easy to make with a really adorable end result!! I made an army of double-chocolate beavers using 15 devil’s food cupcakes frosted with chocolate icing…

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