Homemade Jelly Donuts


Holidays, to me, are a great opportunity to cook up something special for breakfast. While I’ll occasionally make pancakes or waffles on a regular weekend, the extra time of a holiday morning means I can get up early and start a more extravagant breakfast. This year, I decided to try my hand at homemade donuts.


I’ve been mulling over donuts for a long time. The boyfriend and I made apple cider donut holes when we first started dating over 4 years ago, and they were amazing! Since then, the thought of donuts occasionally pops back in to head. (The store-bought donuts just don’t compare, especially down in the states, where I don’t have access to Tim Horton’s regularly!)


Now that I’ve started making homemade jams and jellies, I decided that I needed to make donuts filled with amazing homemade preserves! So I made up a batch of dough, based on a recipe from Bon Appétit and pulled out a jar of Strawberry Hibiscus Jam and a jar of Blackberry Merlot Jelly. And the result was absolute bliss!


These donuts are crispy on the outside but soft and cakey on the inside, with a gorgeous center of tasty jelly. If you don’t have homemade preserves, feel free to use store-bought. The dough for these donuts can also be made the night before. After the first rise, refrigerate the dough for up to 8 hours. In the morning, let it sit at room temperature for at least 30 minutes before rolling and cutting. Then proceed with the second rise and fry as normal.


After spending the night ringing in the 2014, these donuts made an amazing New Years’ brunch. Make then on a holiday or when you have extra time on the weekend. Or make them any normal day of the week to make it feel special! The donuts are just that good. 🙂

Click below for the recipe. If you have a question, feel free to ask in the comments. And thanks for reading! Enjoy! 🙂

Download the recipe!