Basics of Cupcake Icing: More Icing Tips


Pun definitely intended… 😉

In my first post about cupcake icing, I started organizing together the techniques I’ve learned for icing beautiful professional-looking cupcakes. I’m cobbling all of this information together because I’ve seen parts of it referenced in other pages around the interwebs, but I’ve never found a source with everything in one place. So that’s my goal: organizing all of the basics of icing cupcakes in easy-to-follow instructions with pictures!

Also, in my last post, I referenced the different types of icing tips that are typically used for cupcakes. I showed the one I use most often, Wilton’s closed-star 1M tip. I reference this tip most often because it’s the easiest to find (usually in stock at craft stores like Jo-Ann’s or Michaels).

But there are lots of other tips available, including the open star…

And the French tip and round tip.

Click below for more Tips on these tips! Have a question? Feel free to ask in the comments below. And thanks for reading! Be sure to check back again soon for the next post about cupcake icing! 🙂

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Basics of Cupcake Icing: Tips & Tricks

I’ve made a lot of cupcakes in the last few years. When I first got in to baking, I was icing each cupcake by hand, using a flat metal spatula. It got to the point where I dreaded icing the dozens (or sometimes hundreds) of cupcakes cooling on my counter-top. Thankfully, the boyfriend started pushing me to go the easier route of using decorating bags. When I finally conceded and invested in new tools, my life was forever changed…

I’ve posted the basic instructions for icing cupcakes with big, swirly tops a few times on the blog, referencing back to older cupcake recipes. But, with all the times I post about cupcakes, I knew I wanted to put together a post specific to just decorating cupcakes. I finally got down to putting all of this together and realized that I have way more than 1 post worth…

So today, I’m starting with the basics: preparing and filing decorator bags, dyeing icing, and icing cupcakes two ways (the big, swirly, pretty top and a basic rose top). Check back over the next few weeks as I assemble more tips and tricks! Happy decorating! 🙂

Click below for tips and tricks for icing cupcakes! Have a question? Feel free to ask in the comments below. And thanks for reading! 🙂

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Vanilla and Chocolate Buttercream Icing

This month, I’m continuing my posts about my favorite go-to recipes with a two-fer! Today’s post has recipes for my favorite vanilla and chocolate buttercream icing. Over the last few years, I’ve experimented with a few different (mainly vanilla) buttercream icing. I was a huge fan of a family recipe for vanilla icing, but it ended up being too-sweet for most of my friends. (My sweet tooth is pretty intense!)

So I started experimenting with different recipes for both vanilla and chocolate buttercream. I found both of these recipes below from Savory Sweet Life and made only minor adjustments. Overall, both of these icing recipes have gone over extremely well on cakes and cupcakes! The vanilla buttercream is delightfully light and fluffy but not too sweet; the chocolate buttercream has the perfect touch of chocolate, without being overwhelming. I’ve used these recipes extensively on the blog, including the Chocolate & Vanilla Swirl Cupcakes! So I hope you enjoy them too! 😀

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