Giant Cupcake Wedding Cake!

This weekend, two of my good friends got married in a crazy two-weddings-in-a-day extravaganza! The day started off with an intimate ceremony and reception with family and close friends and then rolled in to a larger second ceremony at dusk with a large potluck reception. With the bride and groom’s combined large family and even larger group of friends, a massive amount of wedding cake was needed! And this is where I came in…

With the two ceremonies and receptions, we decided that cupcakes would be a better option than two wedding cakes. Mini cupcakes would allow for people to try multiple flavor combinations, and some cake pops were thrown in after rave reviews from another wedding I catered! The bride’s vision was for a large cupcake-cake, lots of mini cupcakes, and bouquets of cake pops, all in jewel tones.

Below are a few photos of the giant cupcake cake. The basic shape of the cake was formed using a special baking pan, which I then carved to suit the actual cake. I used my Brown Sugar Cake recipe, which was filled with Whiskey Caramel Sauce. I then decorated the cake with cream cheese icing to look like a large bouquet of flowers in the bride’s theme colors!

Everything came together beautifully to form the dessert table, which I managed to snap a photo of below. I’ll hopefully be getting more photos from the photographer later, including a shot of the bride and groom sharing a cake pop! (The giant cupcake cake was transported to the second ceremony and cut during the friends reception!)

Thankfully, I baked enough that I was able to take about 100 mini cupcakes and a dozen cake pops to the second ceremony, where they disappeared faster than I could put them out! All-in-all, it was a crazy day of cake and day drinking and celebrating the beautiful love between two amazing people! I’m happy that I got to celebrate their union and sweeten it up just bit! 🙂

~ Emily

PS. Lots of new posts coming soon! I’ve been a little busy with cake craziness and other events, along with trying out new things like making homemade extracts and my first run at fermented pickles! But I’m slowly catching up and getting back in to the swing of things 🙂