My First Wedding Cake!!

This weekend, I had the pleasure of baking my very first wedding cake for two good friends of mine! It was a lot of work over 2 nights (first night baking, second night decorating), but seeing the looks of joy on my friends’ and their family’s faces made it all totally worth it.

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The Nyan Cat Cake

So, I have this friend who is in love with the Nyan Cat. (See link here…) She has a Nyan Cat purse, a Nyan Cat camera case, and I believe the song is the ringtone on her cell phone. It’s totally adorable how much she loves this meme. The first time I met her, when we were just people with mutual friends, I remember walking away thinking, “I need to make that gal a Nyan Cat cake… When’s her birthday?!” Well, her birthday was a few weeks ago, so I finally got a chance to give her the Nyan Cat Cake! Hopefully, you can make this cake for someone else who loves the Nyan Cat even a fraction as much as my friend does… 🙂

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Neon Tie-Dye Cupcakes!

When brainstorming birthday cake ideas for a friend of mine, the one thing that stood out in my mind was her love of everything neon! So I decided to use some of the techniques from the “Double Rainbow, OMG!” cupcakes, modifying them to be as brightly neon as I could. And the neon tie-dye cupcake was born!! 🙂

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